Worldlink Shipping Ltd.




EnWorldlink Shipping Ltd. (hereafter called “Worldlink Shipping”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Worldlink Group (hereafter called “the Group”), it is primarily engaged in dry bulk shipping, crude oil shipping and chartering businesses. At the meantime, it is also as a transportation function as the logistics arm of the Group.
Worldlink Shipping provides dry bulk shipping services, mainly involved in iron ore, coal, grains, container, and other metal and non-metallic minerals. For liquid shipping part, the mainly services are focus on crude oil and petroleum transportation. Since its establishment, the services area of Worldlink Shipping has covered South Africa, South America, the USA and Canada, Europe, India, Japan, South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries and regions. The annual shipping volume reaches millions of tons. Worldlink Shipping has made a number of breakthroughs in profession of bulk shipping. lt was the first private shipping company who carried coal by using Cape size vessels from overseas to China. Moreover, Worldlink Shipping was the pioneer who found the shipping route and carried coal from Canada to China. With professional services and good reputation, Worldlink Shipping ranks among the first-class shipping companies and establishes long-term cooperation with many top shipping companies and ship charters.